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Donkey Breed Society

   Lord Mayor's Show 2017



The Donkey Breed Society is a charity, registered in the UK. It was formed in 1967, which means that 2017 is the Golden Jubilee 50th Anniversary.

The Society aims to improve knowledge, promote the care and management and to highlight the versatility of the donkey. We believe an active donkey is a happy donkey – they deserve to be more than a paddock ornament!

As part of our Golden Jubilee celebrations we are taking part in the 802nd London Lord Mayor's Show, to promote donkeys to a wide audience. We will show you just how good a well-cared for donkey can look, and give you a taster of the many things donkeys can do.

To learn more about the Society, our aims, our Nationwide network of Regional Representatives and to find out more about events we support or organise, and to donate or join in order to support us, click on the appropriate button

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Find us on on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, see our main Society website or contact the Society office 01732 864414

Registered charity 292268