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Donkey Breed Society

   Lord Mayor's Show 2017




Snowie – 16 year old grey gelding,

           wearing Poppies for Armistice Day

Led by Opal Weaver

Snowie is here from Surrey as part of the Weaver family’s group of donkeys. He is the son of Tintin who is leading the parade. Snowie has many junior championships under his belt along with many young handler awards too. He has also won many other accolades including the ADA trophy for the best active donkey in the country. Snowie and Coffee (who is also here being ridden side-saddle) are best friends and they can often be seen playing football and tearing round the field with a ball or a traffic cone in their mouth. Snowie has a very prominent cross on his back which every donkey has but on some it is not always easy to see. Today Snowie is draped in poppies in memory of all our lost and injured servicemen and women. He, and our World War  1 trench donkey, Tilly, are the Donkey Breed Society’s tribute to all fallen and wounded soldiers on this Armistice Day.

Oakley – 15 year old coloured gelding,

           dressed as a working beach donkey

Led by Rosie Mortiz with her grand-mother Angela Scales.

Oakley is a rescue donkey who joined the Weaver family team of donkeys 5 years ago. Since coming to live with his new family Oakley can now be ridden and is learning to be driven too. He enjoys his walks out through the wonderful countryside and has won many first prizes in the condition and turnout classes at various agricultural and county shows. Today he is representing all the beach donkeys from the UK of which there are hundreds with 200 alone working on Blackpool beaches. Today beach donkeys have very different lives from those that some led in the past, as they are strictly regulated with weight limits, lunch hours and rest days. Oakley is led by Donkey Breed Society Junior member Rosie Moritz.

Alice – 10 year old coloured mare, led inhand

Led by Ann Lander

Alice has a very friendly character and loves to be made a fuss of. One of her favourite pastimes is to roll on the ground and get covered in mud! Every Christmas she helps transport Father Christmas to the ‘Carols in the Barn’ event at the farm where she lives in Hastings. Alice is best friends with her stable mate Rosie who is walking beside her, This is their first time taking part in a London Parade..

Rosie – 7 year old coloured mare, led inhand

Led by Tim Jury

Rosie is a 7 year old donkey who lives on a campsite near Hastings, she is a firm favourite with all the children and likes to give them rides  around the farm. In the winter she relaxes and takes it easy. Rosie is a stable mate to Alice who is walking alongside her – this is their first time taking part in a London Parade.

William – 15 year old miniature grey gelding,

                      a Palm Sunday donkey

Led by Coral Weaver

William is a miniature donkey and will not grow any taller (only wider if he gets the chance to eat even more grass). William was bottle fed when he was born as his mother was very poorly and couldn’t feed him at that time. William has a very big personality for a little donkey. He has attended many events including the London New Year’s Day parade, magazine photo shoots, appeared on tv with his friend Scarlet, Christmas festivities and many more. Today William is wearing his Sunday best and is adorned with palm crosses to represent the many donkeys who attend Palm Sunday services around the country. You can also very clearly see William’s beautiful donkey cross on his back, which tradition says is because Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday

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