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Donkey Breed Society

   Lord Mayor's Show 2017



Tilly – 21 year old brown mare,

                                our World War 1 trench donkey.

Led by her owner Trudy Affleck

Tilly is carrying a ladder pack saddle, loaded with bedding and other items to represent the donkeys used in the trenches in the first World War. She has come up from Wiltshire to take part. She has had much success in long reining and as a driven donkey working as a single donkey or in a pair or tandem with her mother, Keita. Tilly is now retired from driving and long reining. Tilly still goes out and about on walks, does donkey agility, is a regular participant in the London New Year’s Day Parade and has been involved in weddings, Christmas nativity events and Palm Sunday parades.

Daisy – 3 year old coloured filly, led inhand

Led by Alison Broadhurst and Ann Adcock

Daisy was purchased as a tiny foal and she was initially wild and unhandled. Following a lot of time and patient handling, she is now very tame and friendly and loves being made a fuss of. She takes part in the Donkey Breed Society’s  'Active Donkey' Scheme, which sees donkeys  undertaking  eight different tasks each year to receive a rosette. Her best friend is George, who she is here with today and this is their first time in this Parade.

George – 5 year old gelding, with a basket saddle

Led by owner Julie Broadhurst

George wasn't in great shape when he was purchased from an illegal street fair. He has since learnt that life does not have to be like that and, with his new owners, has recently come out of his shell and is proving to be brave and adventurous. He has been trained to be ridden and is currently being long reined with a long term view to carriage driving. He wears a basket saddle and is happy to give the dog a lift although basket saddles are more often used to carry very small children! George also takes part in the Donkey Breed Society’s  'Active Donkey' Scheme.

George and Daisy are here in the parade together and are devoted friends and spend days out in their field playing.  They regularly get taken on walks around the village - where they have many friends.  They are always happy to stop and be petted.

Mr Moon - 5 year old grey gelding,

Led by his owners Sally & David Catchpole

Mr Moon  goes everywhere and does everything. He especially likes jumping coloured show jumps.

He hangs out most of the time with his best friend, who is a sheep called Wilton. They love to play and they both like coming in the house.

Mr Moon has lots of children coming to ride him, he goes to his local church  several times a year for different functions such as Palm Sunday and Nativity.

He works with a Special Needs child every week and both thoroughly enjoy it.

Rupert – 7 year old white gelding, wearing purple poppies in remembrance of fallen animals of war

Led by Thomas Weaver.

Rupert is brilliant at meeting the public and entertaining children. He can be ridden and also driven too. He is a good football dribbler and will kindly assist you with any job. This includes running off with the broom, stealing the shovel, knocking the full wheel barrow over, picking up his grooming kit and running off with it or emptying the contents of any bucket. He is always full of mischief. On this Armistice Day, Rupert is adorned with blue and purple cornflowers representing all the horses, mules and of course donkeys that fought in the war with many thousands losing their lives for their country along with their soldiers.

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