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Donkey Breed Society

   Lord Mayor's Show 2017



Trinitas Mary Poppins – 9 year old grey mare, driven to a restored Victorian Invalid Carriage

Driven by Kate Scales, with Sue Young and Tiggy Lavender at Poppin's head

Mary Poppins is from the Trinitas Stud in Essex and is mare who is regularly shown at agricultural shows by a Junior Donkey Breed Society member, who also trained her to drive. Poppins has done loads of Pet donkey classes with her young handler and is not only a well-built donkey for the show ring, but is also very good natured and willing to please. Today she is shown pulling a restored Victorian Invalid Carriage. These carriages were used to allow the elderly, frail or those who were disabled to get out and about. They were either privately owned or very often available for hire at the seaside or spa towns where the sick were encouraged to get out and enjoy the air. They are extremely well designed so anyone with mobility issues can get in and out of the very low entrance. They are also extremely comfortable to ride in. Queen Victoria famously had several of these carriages at her various residences, often pulled by a donkey. This particular carriage, along with others owned by the same family, regularly takes part in the London Harness Horse Parade each Easter Monday and also took part in the display of driven donkeys at Burghley International 3 Day Event this September.

Poppins ish penny and bart Moon @ BDS Windsor 2015     resized

Penny & Bart, driven as a pair to a modern exercise vehicle

Burnbank Penny (brown )12 years old mare  and Burnbank Bart (grey ) 15years gelding.

Driven by foster owner Emma Young with grooms Liz Cook and Sally Reygan.

Penny and Bart are rescue donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon but now live with their guardian owner in Suffolk, where they enjoy ambling around the Suffolk countryside, collecting fish and chips in Aldeburgh, trips to the pub, helping Father Christmas out and taking part in a few competitions,

Fullmoon – grey miniature gelding, driven

Driven by Robin Boyce, with his wife Julie Boyce and also David Smart at Fullmoon's head

Fullmoon is a true Miniature Donkey at 8hh / 32" at the wither (base of his mane). He enjoys driving, both at shows and out on lanes and tracks, and also excels at cones and obstacle courses. Fullmoon is happy to tackle any hurdle or jump, climbs stairs, and has even been interviewed for radio!  He didn’t say much.