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Donkey Breed Society

   Lord Mayor's Show 2017



Mandarin – 16 year old chestnut stallion, pulling a London coster barrow,

David Poole and Carole Travell at his head.

Mandarin is a very unusual colour for a donkey and was given his name because a Chinese Mandarin is a powerful ruler and it seemed just right for a stallion.. although actually it is more accurate to say he is soft and orange like his fruit namesake. Mandarin is pulling a 2 wheeled coster barrow, which would have been used around the many London markets at the turn of the 19th Century. He is a stallion, but extremely well behaved and despite having done nothing much other than stand in a field when younger, he is now happy being driven and takes part in various London Parades, displays and fun activities. He has the distinction of having sired a National Supreme Champion (the equivalent of a Crufts' winner!) and has produced several beautiful sons and daughters, with a few inheriting his wonderful colour. He is a stable mate of Tintin who is at the other end of this front row. 2 months ago they were both at ‘donkey camp’ driving weekend having great fun going driving across fields and woodland with other donkey lovers.

Mandarin colin

Toadflax of Brownroad (known as Colin) - 13 year old brown gelding pulling a private drive carriage

Carol Morse and Pam Moon at his head, and driven by owner Elizabeth Brown

Toadflax, or Colin, as he is known at home, has made the trip down from Cheshire to be here today. Colin, is driven regularly as well as being ridden. He also carries pack saddles on trekking holidays. He loves being the centre of attention and has helped Father Christmas arrive at events and has carried Mary in the nativity. He also helps with Palm Sundays.  He was one of the Donkey Breed Society team that put on a driving display at Burghley International 3 day event this September.


Trinitas Tintinnabula (known at Tintin) – 22 year old grey stallion, pulling a London Trolley.

Liz Wright and Alan Larner at his head, and driven by Briony Tucker.

Tintin comes from Essex and is in the parade along with his son Snowie (the red poppy donkey) and grand-daughter Pyxie (who is at the very rear of the donkey entry pulling a water barrel). Tintin is one of those ‘been there got the T-shirt’ donkeys who has done just about everything. Although a stallion, he has an exceptional temperament and is well-known for being out and about promoting donkeys and the Donkey Breed Society at every opportunity. He has had a successful career in the show ring, and as a stud stallion and then turned his hoof to driving. He pulls a very wide variety of carts and carriages and today is put to a London Trolley which is one of the types of small general cart that you would have seen around London in Victorian times. He is very versatile and shows just what a range of activities a well-trained donkey can do. He has done the London New Year’s Day Parade, Palm Sunday parades, the London Harness Horse Parade, the Pearly Kings & Queens Harvest Festival Parade, been driven past Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor, taken part in displays at agricultural shows and Burghley International 3 day event, plus demonstrations at rural life museums, sponsored drives, weekend donkey camps, demonstration and training days to help donkey lovers get started with driving and every year he delivers a new ‘Mary’ down the aisle of his owner’s family church as part of a Nativity Service. 2 years ago he nearly died of colic (a displaced bowel) and had major surgery, but thankfully pulled through against the odds and is now 100% again. Tintin is the stable mate of Mandarin who is at the other end of the line in this front row. Tintin was bred by and is owned by Carole Travell, who is the organiser of the Donkey Breed Society entry this year.