transparent head from Chris

Donkey Breed Society

   Lord Mayor's Show 2017



Last but not least.......

Trinitas Pyxie – 10 year old grey mare, pulling a street cleaner’s water barrel

Rob Sims and Barry Morse at her head (with Barbara Roger and Jo Cox in attendance with broom and shovel at the ready!).

Pyxie is a very laid back little mare who is completely unfazed by anything she meets. At a very early age she has been taken out and about to experience a range of occasions and activities and just takes it all in her stride. She has entered many showing classes with her Junior Donkey Breed Society member, who also broke her to drive – but Pyxie can tend to decide that she has done enough for the day and will just stop and refuse to go on! Her claim to fame is that she and her young handler won the National Donkey Breed Society Fancy Dress Class one year, winning the coveted Danny La Rue trophy (donated by Mr La Rue) where they depicted ‘Ouch’, and were both covered in bandages and fake blood (the theme was ‘Something beginning with O’). Pyxie’s grand-father, Tintin is at the front of the parade and today she is at the rear, pulling a Street Cleaners Water Barrel, complete with helpers with broom and shovel – just in case!!!


smaller pyxie